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Excursions in The Gambia

Our Information and experience about some excursions during many years up-to-date end 2014.

Classification :

  • = Not intrested anymore .
  • = Normal .
  • = Intrested
  • = Very intrested .
North Bank :
James Island and Kunta Kinteh Village --- Slave Island .
There are two possible options for a visit to the island by boat or by land with a car. There is obviously a price difference, if you go by boat you are together with several tourists. Otherwise if you find a good guide with a 4x4 car and you can arrange a good price then you have a private trip and that is more of a real adventure. Be careful when you arrived in Juffrey . Visit the island is possible with a pirogue ,please negotiat about the price before !!!!. (Do not accept there first price)
Positiv : This is a very nice trip either by boat or overland by car. The history about the slavery and the story about Kunta Kinteh is very good explained by a local guide also there is a lot of done to keep this place intact for the history of mankind.
Negativ : Entrance fee must be paid when you will visit the local village and secondly there is too much pushing and dragging of the local boys and that is very annoying.

Stone Circels Kerrbach and Wassu.
These two places of interest are situated between Farafenni and JangJang Bureh ( Georgetown ). Kehrbach about 10 km from the main road and the road is marked with a panel just past a police checkpoint. The trip from the main road to the stone circles is very nice and takes you through local villages. Take your time to stop and visit this once, you're certainly welcome. The Stone circles Kerr Bach are rather limited but certainly would be enticing enough worth to visit. Wassu, this place has much more stone circles and also a museum with well-documented explanation of the history / stories about the stone circles. Upon arrival, it is possible that the Stone Man comes to you. This elderly man surrounded by African Mystik and more, a must to listen to him in the way he tells the stories and history of these circles. Entree: 50 Dalasis.
Positiv: Very well maintained place in Wassu.
Negativ : none

Western Division :
Lamin Lodge.
This place is not a lodge but a restaurant, it's open again . It is built in wood (on wooden pillars) in the Mangroves. On the right side of the former entrance you can rent a boat for a trip through the mangroves there is also a small restaurant.
Positiv : You can make nice bootrips in the local mangroves .
Negativ : The price for a boottrip is acceptable but stil expensive .

Abouko National Park.
The national park Abouko is a very quiet place. Take your time to visit this beautiful park (3 hours). Walk very slowly and do not make noise and you will see several animals. My personal pleasant taste: do this without a guide. Halfway into the park is a small zoo with pelicans, monkeys and hyenas. You can there also can drink and eat something etc... The entree was only 35 Dal for tourist and 15 Dal. for residents . (January 2014 )
Positiv : ?
Negativ : Price increased up now to 400 Dal for tourist and 250 Dal for residents unbelievably in just a few months.( November 2014) . This huge increase is not reasonable .( 1200% increase )

Banjul The capital.
You can visit the entire city, but do not expect a big city, in any case there are some special attractions. The Arch in 2000, the market and the harbor. In The Arch 2000, here you can take the stairs or the elevator to the top and you have a panoramic view of 360 degrees of the city. Back down and right in front of the Arch 2000 is a small exhibition of local Gambian musical instruments. A visit to the market and the port will give you a first impression of The Gambia.( Take a good guide with you !!!)
Positiv : Nice view of the capital.
Negativ : Nothing

Crocodile pool at Bakau.
The crocodile pool and museum in one place. Ther are many crocodiles in the pool and you have the opportunity, under supervision, to touch them . Amazing but stay alert. The museum and the garden give you a historica overview with regard to the Gambia. Entree : 50 Dalasis.
Positiv : The crocodile pool is in very good condition and you are sure to see crocodiles.
Negativ : Nothing

The monkey Park at Senegambia area.
Here you will find a large number of monkeys, there are two different types. You can easily recognize nations, they have a different color red / black and brown. These last are not shy and come to you to get something to eat. Be careful they are wild animals! There are also many different types of birds. Take your time in this park, the walks are circular made and identifiable by different colors and you will automatically return to where you left. Unfortunately, this park will disappear in the future, there are plans for a major construction project with hotels, shops etc. ... the opening would be provided in 2020. This walk can be done without any problem on your own. Entree : 50 Dalasis. (15 for residents)
Positiv : The park is a must to get in close to so many monkeys.
Negativ : As in most places, here again are the annoying local boys at the entrance. The price is right at the entrance, all the rest are stories to obtain something from you, as we have seen the last time, a local boy (guide called) asked 50 kg of rice for his guidance of a tourist.

Serrakunda Market
A place to visit, hundreds of stallholders with a thousand and one products in a labyrinth of verry narrow streets. You can really buy anything. Thousands of people walk around it and the market is open daily 24/24. Good advice, visit this market not on your own. Take a reliable guide..
Positiv : Here you can see the actual daily life of the Gambian without intrusiveness.
Negativ : Watch out for pickpockets.

Brikama Craft Market
The craftmarket was originally in the center of Brikama and with an African view. However, it is moved and is now about 2km for Brikama. For myself the true African soul is gone, but it is still the best place to buy a nice souvernir. Take your time for a visit to the craft market and as in all African countries. Before you buy, negotiate the price. It is a normal event in Africa, so do not be afraid the price is never the right price and of course, you buy this or you do not buy this. This way is the right way in Africa and is respected by everyone.
Positiv : A wide range in wood souvenirs.
Negativ : some sellers are a bit too pushy.

Tanji Fishing port
The best time to visit is in the afternoon around 16:00 local time, at that time the fishing boats come back from their trip and are full of fish. How this continues ... I do not tell you this you must see this for yourself .....one word ...... amazing, you will never forget, it's on your retina forever
Positiv : You see the real African life and you can buy fish at a very good price.
Negativ : Young boys are a bit too rude.

Central Division :
Slave Island Georgetown - JangJang Bureh
On this island, in the middle of the Gambia River, are still remnants of the slavery. The island is accessible via the north side with a small ferry, on the south side there is now a bridge. You can stay on the island at different places and can combine this trip with a bootrip (4 hours) on the Gambia river. The flora and fauna at either side of the river is beautiful and with a little luck you'll see several hippos in the river. An even longer boat ride takes you to the baboon island. Towards the east, you will find first Bansang, the landscape is difference and it is large compared to other parts of the Gambia, and hilly. On a hilltop in Bansang there are footprints of giants? Unfortunately, it is difficult to get there, the hilltop is now occupied by the water company, but with a little negotiation it is possible to visit them. If you drive further east you reach Bassu Santa Su, the last major settlement in the country. You can further travel to Fatoto, this road is a bush road and only recommended in the dry season and only with a 4x4 vehicle.
Positiv : A very nice trip
Negativ: nothing

Of course there are many other attractions, museums, batik factories, beautiful nature areas . When you found something special that is not yet listed here or have comments please let me know .